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Want to know what Britain was like in the 1940s? Over 120 films providing fascinating snapshots of the UK’s cultural, sporting, industrial and political heritage have been launched online today thanks to funding from Google and the British Council. 

Watch the film above to see how British women contributed to the war effort during World War II, or explore the full archive.

Greatest discovery of the day! Thank you Google and the British Council!


In the 19th Century having a photograph taken was a lengthy process. Frustrated by the difficulties of getting children to sit still long enough to snap a proper photo , photographers in the 1800’s conceived of a technique called “The Hidden Mother”. Draping a sheet over the mothers head in an attempt to camouflage her as a part of the furniture to better emphasize the child, the mother was then able to hold her infant and keep them still long enough for the camera to get an exposure. Vintage photographs already have a eerie feel to them, but these images of moms as cloaked phantoms take the creep factor to the next level.

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London in the 1920s.


On StoryVault we’ve been collecting first hand accounts of what it was like to be a child during the Blitz. 

Hear our Blitz memories here

picture courtesy of the National Archives